Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen MORE Blogs I Read

In no particular order (okay, honestly, it's the order in which I added them to my "blog" bookmarks, in reverse, but some are from my LJ friends list, which screws up that reverse-bookmarked thing). Bottom line--the order is meaningless.

1. Shannon Stacey
I know Shannon from eHarlequin in ancient times. She's a New England Patriots fan, too. That was all I needed to know.

2. Amalah
Jody turned me on to this one. The author is very funny, very different from me, and often extremely insightful.

3. The Knight Agency
It's my agency now, so of course I read it, but I read it practically from the day they launched. The best part is when agents answer questions every week.

4. Ausiello Report Blog
To feed my TV addiction.

5. DuckyXDale
Because one blog about TV is not enough.

6. The CW Source Supernatural blog
An "official" source (or at least officially sanctioned) for Supernatural news and discussion.

7. The TV Addict
Okay, okay, my TV addiction may be out of hand. This one and the Ducky one I picked up when some TV bloggers got to go to the Supernatural set and did multiple-day reports on those visits. I bookmarked them for that and stayed for the occasional posts about other shows I watch.

8. Jason Manns
My favorite musician sometimes posts about events he's done. Since he never does a show close enough for me to attend, I just read about them and sigh.

9. Marilyn Philbrick
A good friend and great person. The daughter my mother should have had. :)

10. Betsy Morris
Screenwriter extraordinaire.

11. Nathan Fillion
Yes, the real Nathan Fillion. He rocks my socks.

12. Susan Grant
I love her futuristic romances and this is how I keep up with her release dates. She's also a commercial airline pilot who does international routes, and her blogs on that are fascinating. She doesn't update often, so I actually subscribe to her MySpace blog, which links to this one.

13. Many LJ Friends
I decided to just link to my Friends Page since I'm tired and there are so many. Some highlights:

Megan Hart, author and my best friend
Nephele Tempest, my agent
Anteka, creator of Plastic!Winchester Theater
Ignipes, who used to do these awesome Top Ten Things I Love lists for Supernatural
episodes, that usually numbered between 30 and 50
CE Murphy, awesome author who lives in Ireland

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