Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits on Wednesday

Obviously, I never got around to posting this yesterday.

Ate dinner last night at a sandwich place that has really good flatbread pizza. I like the one with artichoke hearts, spinach, Parmesan, and pine nuts. Except last night mine had no pine nuts. It did, however, have a plastic bread closure.

When the waitress came over, I showed her and asked what my prize was. She was very apologetic, of course, said they are supposed to throw those away immediately so it doesn't happen. I told her my husband wanted me to be mad so I could get a free dessert. She laughed and thanked me for being nice. I said, well, it's not like it's a finger.

She gave us TWO free desserts, worth over $8.00. When I paid, I made a joke about the plastic thing again and the cashier tried to give me 10% off my bill. I stopped her. I am nice.

I am in love with my new cat litter box. It's called "Roll'n Clean" and you don't have to scoop at all! It's got a grate and a drawer. You roll it all the way over onto its top, then roll it back. The litter is all clean, without chunks from broken-up clumps, and the clumps are all in a little drawer that you pull out and dump. So worth it! And much more logical than the litter box that washes and dries the litter. What a waste of energy.

I started watching two new shows this week. They're actually old shows that I'm Netflixing.

The first is Gilmore Girls, which some people who have taste similar to mine have liked, and the other is Dark Angel, one of those shows I knew I probably would have liked, but it was on back when I was watching almost zero TV. I recorded an episode of DA on a whim the other night and really enjoyed it, and J likes Jessica Alba, so we'll watch it together starting Friday.

I watched the first disk of GG last night, and I liked it. I like Lorelai a lot. Rory a bit less. She's stiff and emotionless. I hope her acting improves as the seasons go on. I like all the quirky characters, too, and can see why it was a popular show.

In both shows (one episode of each, as a matter of fact), it was quite weird to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Jared was so much younger, and at first glance he looks nothing like his current hot self. The weird part is when he has an expression I know so well, or in hearing him talk for more than a few words, his voice is very close to the same. But he was so SMALL and he had such a baby face!

Jensen was only a little younger, relatively speaking--there isn't as much difference in his body, no difference in his voice, and his face is like a slightly softer version. His mouth is more pronounced, his cheekbones a bit less defined. His character is lighter in personality, but he's a fighter, and can shoot a gun, so sometimes he's like Dean. The weirdest part? He wore a turtleneck the entire episode. :)

The weather has been really nice all week, so I've had my office window open, but then I get pissed off because my next-door neighbor smokes on his back porch and it always blows in my window. I hate that.

Happy Independence Day!

I'm not going to be like everyone else and add "to my American readers/friends" because even though this is a holiday in the United States, celebrating the birth of the nation, I think EVERYONE can celebrate their personal independence.

So go light a sparkler and drink a toast. And have a great day!


MaryF said...

I bought the second season of Dark Angel. I liked it a lot better than first season. And you know I love my GG!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Second season is better than the first? It's got to be GREAT, then! :)

You're the one who gets full credit for starting me on GG. :)