Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Blogs I Read

In no particular order (okay, honestly, it's the order in which I added them to my "blog" bookmarks, in reverse, but some are from my LJ friends list, which screws up that reverse-bookmarked thing). Bottom line--the order is meaningless.

1. Gail Overholt
I "met" Gail on the blog of the woman who creates Plastic!Winchester Theater. I thought she was super-cool and started reading her regular blog.

2. I Can Has Cheezburger?
The funniest pictures with the even more funniest captions. A daily must.

3. Writer & Cat
Formerly just MeanKitty's blog, now a combo for MeanKitty and her owner, who is also author Jody Wallace. Usually they are both very funny, though Jody also often gets pensive. Which always makes me think, dammit.

4. Misty Simon
Misty writes funny stuff, writing progress and event stuff, general minutiae of life stuff--on a very irregular basis.

5. Ten Inch Hero
This is another infrequently updated blog. It is relating to all things Ten Inch Hero, an independent film that does not, apparently, yet have a distribution deal. It has Jensen Ackles in it, but it also looks very good and is written by a screenwriter I admire very much.

6. The Gab Wagon
I'm a contributor to this multi-author blog, four women who have opinions and aren't afraid to use them. I read it every day so I can see what the others are posting and participate in the comment trails.

7. Ceiling Fans
Author Vicky Burkholder shares her experiences with her two (soon to be three) new books, as well as tons of insight into the craft and business of writing.

8. Vicki Smith
I don't actually have to read this blog. I communicate with her all the time and usually know what's going on. But with four very busy kids, she has the funniest stories and the wryest outlook on life. I also love being told to "behave" every day.

9. Writing, Reading and More, Oh My!
Trish not only is an interesting woman and a well-connected writer with lots of news-flash information to share, but she likes the same TV shows and movies I do.

10. Karmela Johnson
I first came across Karm on the Bombshell threads at the eHarlequin boards. We were both aspiring Bombshell authors. She's got more energy than my kids combined, I swear.

11. Pub Rants
Even though I now have an agent, I still read this. Kristin Nelson has great things to share about the business, and her clientèle is packed with authors who appeal to my tastes. I've picked up several auto-buy authors by reading her.

12. Whedonesque
So I'm always up on Joss Whedon's activities, as well as any information about Firefly and its actors.

13. The Bandwagon
Mary shares bits of her real life and her writing life, and we have a lot in common. I'm soooo rooting for her to win the Golden Heart this weekend! And hopefully managing to meet her some day. We missed each other in Atlanta.

Geez. That's only SOME of the blogs I read. I guess I'll do a part two next week!

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Gail said...

Oh wow! I'm first! Thanks! Oh wait. Order means nothing. *L* But also thanks for directing me to some blogs that sound like a good read. :)

Natalie Damschroder said...

You do deserve to be first. You're just not the only one. LOL