Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stuff on Saturday

Yesterday, Number Two closed her thumb in the car door. Yes, her own thumb. Door was shut tight. Nail was purple before she even got the door open. We saw the dr. and got a splint and I praised her for doing her major injury on a weekday, unlike her sister, who always manages to hurt herself on a Sunday so we have to spend five hours in the ER.

But today blood had filled the nail so we had to go to the acute care clinic, anyway. I thought, since we were the only ones there, it would be a quick visit. Go in, pierce the nail, wave bye and go get ice cream. But they couldn't find the piercing tool! Poor things spent half an hour searching, and the first one didn't work. Unlike the old days with a heated paper clip, they now have a tool that has a fine wire that gets heated to a bright glow. It smelled like the dentist's drill. But the pain immediately decreased and she's much happier.

I have a new guy. Well, he's not MY guy. But he's been added to my list.

J and I started watching Dark Angel last night. I fell for Michael Weatherly the first time I saw his eyes. His character is so strong yet so NOT macho, and his feelings for Max are palpable.

I don't even care how long it will be until Jensen Ackles comes on the show.

I hate Julie Kenner. I just finished Demons Are Forever, the third book in her Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom series. And once again, I have to wait a friggin' year before the next book.

Though things are slightly better this year than last. With the last book, things were left in a more unsettling status. Stakes are higher with this one, but with truths revealed it at least didn't leave me desperate for answers. And this time, there is mention of the next book coming out in 2008. In the last book, it didn't say there was a next one, and her web site hadn't been updated.

If she gets Google alerts for her name, I hope she clicks through to see why I hate her. It's the best possible reason, of course.

My current manuscript is a mess. I have been working on it a little better than I did last month, but I keep thinking I only have to tweak a couple more things and them move on, and then I realize that an element I fleshed out makes NO SENSE in the timeline and has to be changed. I added scenes and have been jumping around so much in these first 125 pages, I feel like it's a jigsaw puzzle that's 1/4th put together and everything's in place but none of the pieces actually connect, or only connect in chunks. And finding very short bits of time to work on it (i.e. between my child slamming her thumb in the car door and taking her to see the doctor) is making things worse.

I take the kids to Camp Nana on Tuesday, and then have all day Wednesday for writing. I will probably neglect my exercise regimen in favor of coming straight downstairs and working all day long. I shall feel much better after that.

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