Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bugger That

I haven't watched last night's Prison Break yet, but I indulged in spoilers since I figured I knew what was in the box. I was right. It totally sucks, and I blame the show, not the actress.

It's easy to say it was a mutual thing, that the producers tried hard to bring her back, and that it's understandable that she didn't want to cut her original 22 intended episodes to 13, 10, or 4. None of that really matters. Why?

Because killing her is the stupidest move they could have made.

I don't get the reasoning that Michael has no motivation if she's alive. Have these people never been in love? Dramatically speaking, it would be much more understandable for Michael to give up completely upon knowing that the woman he loves is dead. He has little reason to do what they want now. Yeah, yeah, LJ is still in danger, but come on. Is saving LJ REALLY a bigger incentive than saving Sara? I don't think so, and suddenly all my interest in the show has disappeared.


In other "I can't believe they did that" news, it's been known for some time that Rachel Weis is not returning for Mummy 3, and her character is now being played by Maria Bello.

Bello is a good actress, one of my favorites, and I'm sure she'll do a decent job overall. But she's nothing like Weis and I find it hard to believe she can fill the roll of Evie believably.

Harming the film's interest is also the fact that it's been written by the guys who do Smallville. I deleted last week's show unwatched and canceled my Season Pass. So that doesn't excite me.

However, there is one damned good reason for going to see the movie anyway:


MaryF said...

Maria Bello vs. Rachel Weis???

I like Maria - she was the model for Peyton, my heroine, in Hot Shot. But isn't she, like, older?

But hey, I didn't even know they were MAKING Mummy 3!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Bello's only 4 years older, but that doesn't really matter, because the time frame is after Alex has grown up, so the characters are much older. She's just...a very different kind of woman.