Monday, October 22, 2007

Out for Lunch

Last Thursday, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers sponsored a booth at the Patriot-News/Wolf Furniture expo event, "Out for Lunch." Four published authors and a representative of our chapter were there, standing and talking almost non-stop for three hours. Hundreds of people came by, most excited and interested to see a group of local authors.

Prime Location

Thanks to the event coordinator (not sure her actual title, but she was our contact), Lisa Strohl, we had an excellent location. The Zembo Mosque is a gorgeous building, and we were in the tile room, which was gorgeous. We thought it would hurt a little, being in a smaller, not-main room, but we were positioned right on the end, next to the door from the room where they picked up their lunches, so everyone had to go right by us.

Megan Hart and Misty Simon, setting up their stuff

Misty had some fun giveaways ("melt-your-ex/boss/whomever" candles) and I had cute gifts-with-purchase. Most of which I still have.


We talked to a lot of people, collected a lot of names for our drawing/mailing lists, and sold a few books. Not enough, I don't think, to make back any of our money spent, but the number of contacts we made could lead to future sales--you never know. And we had fun:

Megan Hart and Jacki King

Things finally slowed down about half an hour before we were allowed to pack up. There were a lot of people who write, or would like to write, or wish they could write. Maybe some will become members of CPRW!

Talking to Customers/Taking a Break

Misty Simon, Megan Hart, Vicki Smith, Jacki King, Me

Next year, we plan to take a male cover model in a tux and have him hand out kisses. If you buy a book, you can sit on his lap. I think that will go over even better than the duckies.


Trish Milburn aka Tricia Mills said...

Love the Halloween duckies! :) Looks like a nice event.

Vicky B said...

And I am sooooo going to be there!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Aren't they cute, Trish?

And YAY, Bicky! I wondered why you weren't there this year.

JackiKing said...

That was SUCH a fun day...and you even got the whacky picture of Megan and me...LOL

Does our cover model have to be in a tux? I'm voting for one of those "firefighter" outfits where he's only wearing pants, boots, a hat, and suspenders!

Fan my flame!!!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Firefighter's good, but a tux fits the decor of the venue better. :)