Monday, October 01, 2007

Premiere Week Results (and label issues)

I was looking at my tags, or labels, yesterday, and I realized I've been remiss. This is my 450th Blogger post (not sure which for MySpace and LJ) and I have three tags I use a lot: Writing, TV, and Supernatural. But I have 16 labels I've used only once. And that's appalling.

There's something pathetic about that lonely number one, so I'm going to make an effort with every one of the next 16 posts to address one of those tags, in order, so that (1) becomes (2).

Today's label is "birthdays." Kind of surprising that I only have one post with that. I'm sure I've mentioned MY birthday, for example. Which is the next one in my immediately family. Last year I was post migraine and my husband was sick in bed all day, so my kids watched TV while I read most of the day. He felt bad, but I did no chores and made no meals, and that was all that mattered. :) I always look forward to "My Day" and it doesn't matter if this year is any different than last (though we can do without the migraines and the flu, thanks.)

Now, on to Premiere Week.

I admit to being pretty disappointed overall, but there are some bright spots.

Prison Break
I was uncertain after the first episode, which was a week earlier than anything else. Like a lot of people, I was turned off by the violence. I also am very unhappy about Sara being off the show. But the final moment gave me hope--it lent urgency and personal emotion to the situation. It didn't bother me, though, that all the people had wound up in Sona. Some of it was orchestrated, as we saw at the end of season two. Mahone and Michael being there was, at least.

The second episode really locked me in, though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when they are smart! Michael blowing up the blocked pipe so water would flow again. Lincoln being told he's the dumb brother, but having TWO copies of the bird guide and handing over the wrong one. GENIUS. I also love the moments they have at the fence. When Linc told Michael he'd trade places with him in an instant, and Michael put his hand on the fence and said, "I know." My heart sighed.

Ugly Betty
Eh. Fat Amanda looks ridiculous. I don't mind her being fat--I do mind the way they did it. I hate them for the Santos thing. Part of the reason I wasn't looking forward to the new season was because they'd killed him. Then they say, "Nope, he's okay!" I suspected she was hallucinating him except Justin had no negative emotion. They wrote it that way to not give away their oh-so-poignant big reveal at the end, but it backfired. First, I hate that Santos is dead. He was my favorite character because of the effort he was making for his son. Secondly, Justin being totally unconcerned that he lost his father? Making fun of his mother for not coming out of her room for three weeks? Bad job.

I can't dredge up any interest in the rest of it. I'll keep watching because Betty is a great character and I love her relationship with Daniel and Mark and Amanda are hilarious, but I am tired of Wilhelmina and Bradford and I can only roll my eyes that they have made this a true soap opera with an amnesia plot line.

Stupid. I am going to stop watching.

I haven't watched Heroes or Numb3rs yet because my husband hasn't been in the mood. Tonight is a Patriots game so probably not until later in the week will we catch up. And, of course, I'm holding off on Chuck, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies, and Reaper.

Supernatural starts in three days!!!!!


MaryF said...

Did you see Supernatural Season 2 was in the top 20 in sales in EW??? WOOT!

Natalie Damschroder said...

I did! I was excited, because the ratings for the show wouldn't lead you to expect that high sales. Here's hoping that means a bigger audience this season!