Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Things I'm Looking Forward To This Week

It's a messed-up week. My kids were off yesterday and today, which wreaks havoc on my schedule. I cleaned almost all day yesterday, got two pages written and the rest of the book planned in the evening.

Got a decent night's sleep, but even sleeping in today didn't really help me. I ended up with eight hours sleep and must have needed ten, because all day I've been wanting to close my eyes and doze off.

I keep thinking today is Wednesday. Which is whack, because I know Number One has practice tonight, and she only has practice on Tuesday, not Wednesday.

It should be illegal for it to be 87 degrees on October 9th in Pennsylvania. I'm tired of sweating, for Pete's sake!

So anyway, here are the things I'm looking forward to this week:

  • Gilmore Girls: On Friday, my disk was cracked. I reported it right away, but they don't send stuff on Saturdays and yesterday was a stupid postal holiday, so I shall have two new disks tomorrow.

  • Supernatural: This week's episode looks better than last week's. Creepier, anyway. And really, no episode of Supernatural is truly bad.

  • Boot Squad: Friday I meet with my writers support group. Some of us really need the boost. Some of us need a kick. *raises hand* All of us need the recharge.

  • Pay Day: No explanation necessary.

  • Finishing Hummingbird: Last night I summarized the final scenes, which should make it very easy to write the last 40 pages. It WOULD make it easy, if my brain wasn't so frickin' fuzzy.

  • Soccer: Both kids play away (pretty far away) on Saturday, but it's in the same town, so that's good. Of course, it's six hours apart. That's less good. Except my sister-in-law and her family live out that way, so that's great.

  • Patriots football: I was going to say they're going 6-0 on Sunday, but that's not a given, especially after the Browns showed how to exploit our weaknesses. It should be a good game.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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