Thursday, October 11, 2007

OMGs All Around

First, the short ones.

This will crack your a$$ up.


Yesterday it was over 80 degrees and we had the A/C on.

Today it didn't reach 60, and we're running the furnace.

Yeah, THAT'S a stable climate.


Not quite OMG worthy, but notable:

My 12-year-old has been picking up books from the library that target an age group a little older than her. Normally YA readers read "up." So a 12-year-old will read about a 15-year-old, who will read about an 18-year-old. But she's been getting stuff for highschoolers and above. Not because of the content so much. One book was called Caribbean Cruising and she got it because of the Caribbean, as in Pirate of the. But it was about a girl the summer before her first year of college who wanted to have a one-night stand to lose her virginity. Another is a novella by Meg Cabot, part of Prom Nights From Hell. She adores Meg Cabot, but that book is targeting 9th grade and above.

I don't forbid her from reading the books, but I read them first. I know about them because the notification from the library that they are in comes to my e-mail address, so I check them out (in two ways! LOL) and if they seem like they might be too old for her, I read them first. I'm not averse to doing so because she begged me to read Cabot's Avalon High so we could talk about it and it ended up being one of my 10s for the year.

It has other side effects. I have just added all of Michele Jaffe's non-historical books to my Amazon Wish List, and I'm considering reading Stephanie Meyer, even though I hate vampire novels.

I am soooo glad YA publication has exploded. There was a dearth for a very long time.


Okay, now the biggest OMG. Yes, it's Thursday, so it must be SUPERNATURAL!

And what a kick-a$$ show it was.

I loved every single minute of it. It felt a lot smoother and more natural than last week's episode. Sam didn't have enough of a role, but I just now realized that--it didn't bother me at all in the episode (and of course, the ending made up for any dearth of Sam, but we'll get to that).

The creepiness factor ranked higher than any season 2 episode, and probably ties with "Bloody Mary" for ongoing tension. Which made up for the fact that secondary characters had way more screen time than usual (are they trying to lighten Padackles' work load or something? How dare they!). The mother of the little girl was spectacular. The casting was great--the women were more diverse, less plastic than usual, even the gorgeous Lisa.

I like Ruby. Katie Cassidy is a good actress. She had a little less drama this episode, especially at the end, and OMGtheending.

One of my fellow obsessed fans has said she is so over Sam being the Chosen One. I can understand that, but I gasped three times in that final scene. I'm hella intrigued by what's going on. I mean, come ON! A not-so-bad demon? Who hunts other demons? And who can maybe help Sam save Dean? What she wants has to be pretty big if she's willing to offer that. Of course, this is episode two, and they've got to carry the Dean-dying arc over the whole season, so this was just a teaser, I'm sure.

Backing up. Ben was awesome. I wasn't too enamored of his smarmy eight-year-old love of the "chicks." But the way he helped and reassured the other kids, and his resourcefulness getting them out, and his bravery and quick-thinking--I would be proud to have him as my kid, and I never wanted boys!

I'd heard the premise of this ep in advance, and saw a couple of negative fan reactions. I figured the kid wouldn't be Dean's because it would either make him either an absent father (which is bad) or require his parenthood to be an ongoing element of the show (which is worse). But as I watched the beginning, when Dean was wondering, I thought, "Of course he's like Dean. She would have gone for other guys who were the same type. Most women do." (Right, Megan? ;) ) So I was really happy that she said that very thing at the end. And it's logical, given his randy reputation, to think there's a possibility of Little Winchesters somewhere. It was a good factor to address, especially in the context of his "new reality."

Of course, Sera Gamble wrote the episode, and hers always rank among my favorites. She layers nuance in there very well, all kinds of subtle things not just relating to Sam and Dean, like the motherhood stuff.

"Does that make me Pokey?"

*sigh* Is it (next) Thursday yet?


MaryF said...


AWESOME show last night!!! LOVED it!!!! I thought the kid was over the top in Dean-ness, but my dh said he'd have to be for Dean to figure it out ;)

LOVED the Pokey line!

Loved Ruby's revelations, and Sam's reactions.

And was it me, or did Sam look HUGE?

Natalie Damschroder said...

You're dh is funny. :)

And no, it wasn't just you. Dean IS huge. Katie Cassidy (Ruby) has to wear 3-inch heels to be in the shot with him.

MaryF said...

I know - how mean of him to call Dean DUMB!!!

Wow on Jared. I kind of compare him to my son, who is 6'3 or 6'4, but wow.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Dean's not dumb, he's just not subtle. :)

Unlike me, who is dumb, I totally meant SAM is huge, not Dean. *sigh*

Your son is 6'3"? Isn't he, like, 15? 16?

MaryF said...

Yup, he's 16. And he hangs out with all these tiny girls who just hang on him.

Well, technically Sam CAN be Dean, because he was in GG, right???

Natalie Damschroder said...

I guess "tall" has universal appeal. :)

You're right! And I've been watching GG, so maybe that's why I typed it that way.