Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Friday

It is 85 degrees here in Central PA. It has been since Wednesday, when the average temperature was 13 degrees higher than normal.

My kids are in a soccer tournament this weekend. Number One did the same tourney last year, and we wore gloves and hats and wrapped up in blankets and ran from the wind to huddle in the car between games. This weekend it will be 85 all the way through.

Who'd know it was October?

So I've been missing Planters Cheese Curls/Balls for a long time. I can never find them anywhere, and figured they'd been discontinued. But I also figured nothing ever gets COMPLETELY discontinued, right? Like, you can go online and buy candy that was popular in the 50s. So last night I finally thought about it and decided to do a search.

All I found was a bunch of threads with people lamenting the discontinuation. I don't get it. They were the best cheesy junk food EVER. I don't like Cheetos nearly as much, and the big barrels of cheese balls are pretty terrible.

Not that, you know, the junk food isn't all terrible anyway.

Over the past few days I've managed to use several of the "one post" tags I had here. One I haven't used yet is "Law." That one's tough. Let's see...I got nothin'. I might have to delete that one.

Hey! I just talked about it! Two-post tag, it is!

The CW has made some of their season and series premieres available at iTunes for free. They had Supernatural yesterday, and I downloaded it about ten hours before it aired on the network. It was torture not watching it.

Why didn't I? Partly because it's a show I watch with my husband. Partly because I had a lot of work to do. Partly because seeing it in advance, on my little monitor instead of my big screen TV, even in better clarity without commercials, would kinda kill the fun of the anticipation. I'll tell ya, though, by 7:30 I was really jonesing.

How SPN stacked up to my hopes:

1. Yeah, baby!

2. They did do something new, I like the stone look, and the connection to season one with the electric zap thing--but nothing changed. Half a point. :)

3. We didn't get to see much of Ruby, but she sure intrigued me. Kick-ass characters always do. :) I want a knife like that. The moment when Sam knew he was being followed, and she disappeared, was way cool. I see a very adversarial relationship there.

4. Full point! I should keep a spreadsheet, see how many eps Sammy gets throttled in.

5. No Dean-wall-slamming. :(

6. There was no jerk-bitch routine. But Sam slamming on the car window was pretty funny.

7. Don't think JP got bigger, but his voice might be deeper. He's carrying himself a little heavier, a little more world-weary. Dying from a severed spine will do that, I hear.

8. N/A in this ep

9. Yes, not really, and very much. Not that it helped.

10. Sadly, no t-shirts.

11. Hope for the future

12. SO not.

13. Okay, so I didn't race to the computer (I watched Eureka and did laundry first) and I didn't really squee. There were plenty of great moments, such as the camera shot of Bobby when Isaac hit Dean and Dean was lying on the floor. And this line:

"Oh, so he kills somebody and we just sit here with our junk in our hands?"

The interaction between the brothers was still squeeze-worthy, and Bobby rocked the...well, the junked muscle car he was driving. :)

Next week looks verrry creepy. Sera Gamble wrote the ep, so it's sure to be one of my favorites. Can't wait!


MaryF said...

I can't believe you waited. I just can't believe it.

I hated the first 20 minutes or so - all those conclusions they were jumping to! And Dean was getting on my nerves. Yeesh. Loved the back end, though. It could easily have been a 2 parter.

JP was pretty hot, though.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Discipline is my bitch. Or something like that. :)

I didn't hate anything. I'll watch it again eventually, and probably see the conclusion-jumping, but it didn't hit me like it has in earlier episodes.

Interesting mix with the goofy denial of Dean and the enabling selfishness of Sam and then suddenly the horror of the Drano and Isaac's death. *shudder*

They had really good casting of the demons, I thought.

Victoria said...

I loved the whole thing!
1. New opening kicked butt.
2. LOL
3. Agreed - I'm intrigued too.
4. Poor Sammy. *pets*
5. no such luck
6. Dang it!
7. Agree with you. He seems tougher to me.
8. nope - he was too busy hollering like a cowboy. LOL
9. dang it!
10. Dean was wearing that white wife-beater at the beginning. But, I do share your disapointment.
11. Yes. We can hope.
12. I hope it comes around.
13. I never got there either.
Loved the "junk" line.
Next week looks really good and really creepy. Whoot!
I'm sorry about your cheese balls!
And I applaud your self-discipline in not watching SPN earlier! I'm not sure I would have been so good!

Natalie Damschroder said...

10. True, but it was so short a shot!

Karmela said...

Who is Ruby? For a second, I thought that woman was Jo. Must they use another bland, generic blonde actress??? I can't tell them apart!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Ruby is the chick with the cool knife. She's a hunter who I think is insane, if I remember the press release correctly.

It seems that's all that's available out there now, generic blond actresses--even if they're brunette. LOL