Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Things About Current TV

I had a few other topics in the works, but I've been wanting to post on this one, so I thought I'd do it this way. Maybe I'll ramble less. :)

1. I stopped watching Prison Break.

First episode, I was meh. Second caught me, and I thought that was it. But a very big draw for me was Sara, and when I knew the actress wasn't coming back, it killed some of the interest. Still, the character was there, so there was always hope. And there was a reason. Then they cut off her head, and I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it since. I deleted the episode with the box and canceled my season pass.

2. I miss Prison Break.

I heard Michael Scofield either on a radio teaser or a TV spot when I was in the other room. It took a moment for me to understand who was speaking and why I had such a longing in my chest. I miss Michael and his brains and his compassion and his willingness to do anything for those he loves, not least of which is admitting that love. I miss Lincoln, too, the big lug who's got his own brains as well as an ohmygod body. If I get bored, I might have to catch up online or iTunes.

3. I stopped watching Ugly Betty.

I don't like Wilhelmina that much, and I hate the Willie/Dad plotline. And I hate the Alex plot line. As much as I love Marc and Amanda, I'm not thrilled with the Fay-is-her-mother plotline, either. Very unhappy with Henry leaving. The final straw was Santo's death and the way they handled it in the season opener. I'm not one to really notice emotional manipulation, or care. But this was way too much.

Plus, Betty should be out of those braces by now.

4. Numb3rs is like the Indianapolis Colts this season.

Nothing flashy, not the sexy show or the one getting all the hype (for those who don't know, that's the New England Patriots in this analogy). Just getting the job done, with solid quality.

5. Heroes is leaving much to be desired.

The reasons I'm unhappy with this show are the same reasons everyone else is. Nothing is happening. The same things are rehashed every damned week. And the things that are "fresh" aren't really. An amnesiac victim afraid of his past so he hides from it? Yawn. The geeky guy coaching the drunken stud so he can get the girl the geeky guy really wants? Yawner. Masi Oka and Dave Anders do their best, but even they can't make me care. I haven't yet watched the last two episodes, and from what I've heard, I'm not missing anything. I can plug in random scenes from any previous episode. Don't be surprised if this drops off the list, too.

6. Monday's replacement makes the loss of PB bearable.

I wanted to give Chuck a try, but my TiVo couldn't handle it. I got the pilot off SciFi and the second episode from Bravo, but after that they weren't rebroadcasting. I caught up online, though, because the first two eps were pretty good. Adam Baldwin rocks anything he's in, and I'm thrilled he's on every week. Sarah isn't bad, having some realness behind the hot chick exterior and some true acting ability. The sister is one of those too-gorgeous-to-be-real model types, but she has some acting ability, too, and I'm slowly getting past the plastic beauty. At least she's not blonde and skinny. Morgan is annoying, but not enough to hurt the show. I do see potential pitfalls, but I'm hopeful. So far the writing is pretty strong, and if they're smart, they'll deepen the relationships and up the stakes. Let this smart, fun, hard-working guy get over his woe-is-me past and move out of the Nerd Herd at some point. And tell his sister the truth, if not the idiot best friend. Don't be afraid to evolve, 'cause that's how the show will be more than a gimmick.

7. Who knew I wouldn't miss Veronica Mars?

Okay, Reaper isn't nearly as smart a show as VM was. The writing isn't as sharp, the world as tight. But Tuesday night isn't suffering. Until Scrubs comes back tonight, Reaper is the show that gives us a reason to laugh every week. Sock is a better lame friend than Morgan is, and the hot love interest is believable because she's not all about her hotness. I love that unlike in Chuck, the main character's secret isn't a secret. His parents and his friends know, which broadens the scope and offers flexibility. We will be annoyed, though, if he doesn't come clean with Andi. There's no reason to keep it from her.

8. Pushing Daisies is just okay.

I hate to say that. The premise is great, the characters great, the acting good, the writing fine. I really hate to say it because I love Jim Dale so much. But even though it's a show I enjoy, it doesn't drag me to my TV. I'll be glad it's there when there's nothing else to watch. Of course I wouldn't really be upset if it was yanked from the air, so it got a full-season pickup.

9. Speaking of full season pickups...

So did Private Practice, which I have not yet gotten around to watching. I hear a lot of disappointment about it, which disappoints me because it has such a great cast. But just because other people aren't thrilled doesn't mean I won't love it. I'll get to it eventually.

10. Bionic Woman sounds like it sucks.

My husband watched and was pretty disappointed, and his reasons for not liking it are definitely reasons I wouldn't like it. I'm still going to watch it--eventually--but my expectations are low. Plus, it's not on next week, which is always a warning sign. Maybe it's because of the World Series, but that started last night, and BW was still on. I guess we'll see.

11. Oh, yeah, I stopped watching Smallville, too.

There was absolutely nothing I liked in the first episode of the season, so I didn't watch any more than that. I catch glimpses at the end, because it's on right before Supernatural, and it looks like it is rehashing old storylines, just with new characters. I don't miss it at all.

12. We are so happy Scrubs is back!

Season premiere tonight. I don't have any particular love for any of the characters, but they sure make me laugh, and it's my husband's favorite show, so he'll be happy. I'm kinda glad it's the last season, though, because I'm sick of Eliot's whining and JD's idiocy and self-focus.

13. Of course, the best is saved for last.

Is anyone surprised that it's Supernatural? No, I didn't think so. Interestingly, the best part for me has been the caliber of guest stars on the last two episodes. From the crazy hunter to the freaked-out Mom, they've been mostly top-notch.

Of course, guest stars by themselves aren't enough. It's still all about Sam and Dean, and there's been much to love about them so far. I can't wait to see where the main story arc takes them, as the days tick past and Sam gets more desperate to save his brother.

I've read minor spoilers, synopsis-type things about upcoming episodes and a few things we're going to get about Bobby and Mary and even Ruby and Bela and oh, yeah, Henrickson (or whatever that FBI guy's name is). Put all together, it makes for a very rich season.

But best of all are the stand-alone episodes. Changeling kids? A rabbit's foot with real power? Fairy tales come to life...and death? Awesome.

Excuse me, now, it's nearly time to watch!

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JackiKing said...

Of course "Supernatural" is best! That's one show I could watch on frickin' mute...just gimme the eye candy, baby!

(Luckily it's more than just eye candy, so I'm doubly delighted!)

Until next time.....

Natalie Damschroder said...

Hear hear!

MaryF said...

I'm with you on Supernatural being the best. I'm loving this season.

I watch Heroes over my shoulder - the guys watch and I am at the computer. I want more Kristen Bell!

You've got to see Friday Night Lights and Moonlight, though!

Natalie Damschroder said...

Jim caught up on Heroes and said it wasn't bad, so I'll do that soon, maybe this weekend.

FNL, the storylines haven't appealed to me, but I might try it on DVD eventually.

Moonlight, meh, I'm so over vampires.