Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Things I'm Hoping About Supernatural Tonight/This Season

1. I hope they don't use the same "Saving People...Hunting Things...the Family Business" opening they've used for two years. It's a nitpicky thing, but I'm ready for new stuff.

2. I hope they do something new again with the show name, like last year they had the flames and the A turn into a pentagram. I especially want to see how long it takes Misty to notice whatever is new/changing. :)

3. I hope the actress who plays Ruby is better than her split-second moment in the preview indicates.

4. I hope Sammy gets throttled (I saw the preview, I already know he does *VBG*).

5. I hope Dean gets thrown up against a wall.

6. I hope they do the "Jerk" "Bitch" routine.

7. I hope Jared Padalecki is even bigger and his voice even deeper than last year.

8. I hope Dean doesn't do the single emo tear anymore. The finale last year kinda broke that dam wide open. Probably he won't do any crying, but if he does, I want it to be intense, heartbreaking, macho crying. Not "look how much control I have" because that's what it will be if he reverts to it.

9. I hope Dean has sex, and I hope we get to see some of it, and I hope it's got better lighting than "Route 666."

10. I hope the boys wear more T-shirts.

11. In fact, they can get shot in the shoulder again, either one of them, and have their T-shirts torn for repair, because man, have they got gorgeous arms.

12. I hope Sam matures a little and starts thinking about his brother and not just himself. Megan pointed out once that Dean wanting Sam to stay with him is just as selfish as Sam wanting to go off on his own, and I can't disagree--Dean's relationship with his brother has become very codependent. But Dean always does what Sam wants, always makes decisions to safeguard his brother, and if Sam truly wanted to go back to school, Dean would argue but wouldn't stop him. He didn't stop him in "Scarecrow." But Sam's focus has always been on what was happening to him and how things affected him, and rarely on what Dean was feeling and needing. I'd like to see a little outward focus this year. (Please note this is not a criticism of the show in any way.)

13. I hope, no matter what happens with any of the above, that at 10:00 p.m. I will be racing to my computer, eager to discuss the awesomeness of Supernatural with my fellow squee-ers.

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