Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Favorite Date

Today is my 15th anniversary. In honor of that, here are 15 random things I'm thinking/doing today:

1. I'm trying really hard not to watch the Supernatural Director's Cut. One more day! I can wait!

2. My keyboard started acting up this afternoon--and it's not even Merc retro for 9 more days! It was typing in all caps when the caps were off, and not in caps when the caps were on, and the * key on the keypad was stuck down. So I popped off the left Shift key and ohmylord, the cat hair. Ended up popping all the keys off to clean it (which doesn't freak me out the way it does Shannon). It has an odd touch now. Like it's smoother, but also takes more effort to depress.

3. While popping and cleaning the keys, I noticed that not only is my E completely worn off, my L is nearly so. S, M, and O are not far behind, and those I get. But L?

4. I bought the new Supernatural comic today. Don't know why I bother. The art is not to my taste and the story line doesn't thrill me. Saw the cliffhanger coming, though not until the end. I'm just always hoping to see more Wee!Dean and Baby!Sam, I guess.

5. Tom Brady is totally hot.

6. We watched our wedding video with the kids tonight. OMG, the hair. 1992 hair was an awful lot like 1987 hair. I couldn't believe all the women who wore it in that frizzy perm but pulled it all forward over their shoulders so there was no hair hanging in the back. My favorite part of the video is still at the end of the ceremony, where someone opened the side door as we started down the aisle, and my very long veil swept sideways and across the crowd, causing Aunt Phyllis to duck or be strangled.

7. We also watched Heroes (both eps) tonight. From the reviews and comments I was expecting to be underwhelmed, but I really enjoyed it. Better than the whole first season, I think. I love Matt and Mohinder taking care of Molly together, and Mohinder and HRG's plan to take down the Company--and winning, so far! I love Badass !Peter and Hey-I-Can-Heal!Kensei (I could just eat David Anders up), and I REALLY love that there was no Nikki/Jessica yet. I could do without the twins, and would have preferred Angela die first instead of Sulu. But overall, a good showing. Oh, but TiVo cut off the end because I didn't have it set to go over a minute or two, and we didn't see what happened after the Flying Kid saw Claire cut off her toe and it grew back. She ran outside, and freeze. So what happened?

8. My book will not be done by my self-imposed (19th) deadline. I only have about 35, 40 more pages, but I'm also doing a proofing job, and since that's paid work and the novel is the fifth in line to be shopped/sold, there's no rush on it.

9. I'm also quite convinced the book sucks, it definitely isn't as good as the three that came before it, but I'm not gonna worry about it now. I'll lament it during edits.

10. The comments trail at PubRants today is very amusing reading.

11. My next Gilmore Girls disk is coming from Lansing, MI, because that's apparently the closest warehouse that has a copy. Which meant it did not get shipped yesterday like it was supposed to, and even worse, it will take two days to get here AND two days to get back, delaying the NEXT disk. Geez, you think I'm spoiled much? It shouldn't matter. I had TV to watch with J tonight and tomorrow is Supernatural, and we still haven't watched Numb3rs and I have a new Prison Break and the season finale of Eureka to watch. I don't need the Gilmore Girls DVDs, especially since I'm not thrilled with the current Dean situation (Rory broke up his marriage and now it seems to be awkward between them unless it's about sex and I know he only has about half a dozen episodes left and I shall MEEESS HIM even though I know he does Supernatural during GG season 6 and I wouldn't trade THAT for anything in the world). But I'm like a junkie. A fast-paced, witty dialogue junkie.

12. Karmela is right. TV is evil. Well, that's not really what she said. But it's gotta be, right? Taking over our lives like this...

13. I got J an iPod for our anniversary. I was running errands tonight so Number One was showing him how to use iTunes and work his iPod. She told me "that's how it goes, the kid always shows the parents." I told her that's not how it is for ME, thank you very much, and she said, "Well, no, Moms are smarter." HEE. Someone's raising my kids right.

14. October 3 is my favorite date of the year. Not just because it's my anniversary, because we only make a big deal out of it maybe every two out of five years or so (not evenly distributed, as we did a cruise for 10 and Manassas for 11). But October 3 is the date German reunification was officially completed, associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Cleveland Indians played their last game at Municipal Stadium on October 3. And the date just rolls nicely off my tongue, and looks good, too.

15. It wasn't always that way. J and I met the first week of school my freshman year, 1988. On October 28 we went to the Barn Party his frat threw, and then November 5th the pledge formal, and we've been together ever since. He graduated in May 1990, and proposed that August. We weren't going to get married until after I graduated in May 1992 (I ended up graduating early, December 1991) so we'd have two years before the wedding date. I knew I wanted October, and fall is his favorite season, too, so he was all for it. So I counted ahead and said "Okay, let's get married October 4th." I forgot the leap year in 1992! I think his parents checked a calendar and said, "Ummm, that's a Sunday?" But for the longest time I kept saying October 4th, both before and AFTER the wedding.


MaryF said...

Happy anniversary!

I had trouble with that bit of GG, too.

I stopped getting the Supernatural comics. I love John, but I haven't even read the last 2.

Natalie Damschroder said...

Thank you!

I'm figuring GG's gonna go downhill from here, judging from the things you've said and the overall opinion of season 7.