Monday, October 15, 2007

Whack and Non-Whack

Things that are whack today:

1. The Otherworld Diner blog got an unusual spam comment on Friday. (It's deleted now--sorry.) In addition to being some incomprehensible mumble-jumble about gods and reincarnation and football and people in India and technology and college classes, it was over 122 pages and nearly 49,000 words long.

That's Craziness, Extended.

2. Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, saying the New England Patriots are definitely not the best team in football, without stating any evidence to back up his assertion.

Dallas was 5-0. New England was 5-0. Now New England is 6-0, after winning against Dallas 48-27. I'm not sure if he was implying that Dallas is the best team in the NFL, or someone else is. Some other team might certainly be better than New England. We'll get a chance to test the idea when we play Indianapolis in a few weeks. But Dallas is absolutely below New England on the list of the Best Teams. You can claim all you want that New England didn't beat Dallas, that Dallas beat themselves (and yes, 12 penalties for 100 yards goes a long way toward beating yourself). But then, a truly good team wouldn't beat itself, either, would it?

3. I dreamed I was back in school. Again. This time it was supposed to be Ichabod Crane, though the school was not, and my home was not. The most vivid part of the dream was walking home along a stream that ran along carved rocks, including between two rows of trees and inside a cavern. That didn't exist on the route to my house back when I was really going to that school. I was also supposed to be a senior but I gave my married name to people and my kids raced me back to the house.

Things that are not whack today:

Trish Milburn!

The American Title IV contest run by Romantic Times has opened for voting today. Trish is one of the ten finalists. Usually I know more than one finalist, and the notion of voting for people you like instead of the best content kind of rubs me the wrong way*, but this year not only is Trish the only person I know, her line really is the best! (Trust me--if I liked another one better I'd vote for it and never tell her :) )

Trish is one of those super-nice people who works really hard and is finally achieving some of the success she deserves. Because of that, she will be My Very First Ever Guest Blogger this Friday, 10/19. She'll be writing about something near and dear to my heart, getting inspiration from TV/movies. So make sure you check back Friday to get her take on this topic!

Don't worry, I'll remind you. ;)

In the meantime, head over to the American Title IV contest page and vote on the line you think is best. I'm betting you'll think it's Trish's. :)

*Those of you who've been around a while may remember me soliciting votes for The Romance Studio feature-of-the-month when they used to do that. I admit I encouraged everyone I knew to vote--but I did say to vote for whichever feature you liked best and pointed out why my competition was pretty great, too. So I'm really not being a hypocrite just because Trish is my friend. Honest.


Trish Milburn said...

YAY! I'm not whack. :) Thanks, Natalie. I laughed out loud at your comment about if you didn't like mine best you'd vote for another and not tell me. Hee hee.

I'm actually off to work on that guest blog now.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm glad you laughed! I was hoping you wouldn't be offended. :)

I DID vote for you, and that's no lie. *g*