Friday, March 18, 2016

Fun with Quarterly Reporting, or, Yay, Spring!

It's Sweet Home Alabama meets
National Treasure. Who will Zoe pick?
 How's everyone's 2016 going so far?

I have to say, mine has started SO much more satisfyingly than 2015 in its entirety.

In 2015, I only had one new book release, plus a short story. Okay, sure, I also re-issued three books and a short story or two. And I wrote 150,000 new words and edited over 2,000 pages. But for the entire year, I felt as if I wasn't getting anywhere.

This year has been so different! I have TWO new books out already, Aftershocks and Shadow Mission. And a third should be coming out next month, my first Superhero book. It's all very exciting!

I have a book on submission. So far, it's getting praise but the publishers don't know "how to position it" in their list. Story of my career! LOL

A new series is in development, a romantic suspense I'm enjoying writing. In fact, all the writing I've been tackling (the next Soul book, the next Superhero book, the third Fusion book) has been fun, even the parts that I ended up discarding. I just wish I had more time to tackle all of them!

The world Roxie's part of is so much more
complicated than she knew.
The winter has eased up faster than normal, too. We had 70-degree days in early March, and I have to admit, I like daylight savings starting so early and giving me more sunshine in the evening. It shines into my office window, and the difference in my energy levels and mood are incredible.

And now stuff I look forward to is looming close enough to matter. Writing retreat in May. Family reunion in July. Vacation in August. Nephew's wedding in September—the first wedding in the next generation. It's enough to make me feel old. LOL

Outside my window, mini daffodils I planted last year have sprouted, and my dwarf lilac bush has budding leaves.

This is the second-best part of the TV season, when the "drought" hiatus—when EVERYTHING is in reruns—is over and we're about to hit the final stretch when every show pulls out all the stops. Plus, some shows return (12 Monkeys and Orphan Black, yay!) and the fun movies are coming to town. (Though I confess nothing is making me super-excited this year. Which could be good. They might exceed my expectations.)

So what's making you happy on the cusp of the vernal equinox?

(If you'd like to read excerpts of my new releases, you'll find Aftershocks here and Shadow Mission here. Thanks!)