Friday, January 27, 2012

My Kids are Backwards

I'm sure all families are different, but there's an expectation that siblings fight a lot until one of them gets too big. Usually it's when the younger one gets big enough to hurt the older one back. (With me and my brother, it stopped when I tried to hit him with a garlic press, missed and hit my hand instead, and cut myself. I was so shocked at my capacity for violence I made sure it never got physical again.)

My kids have never fought. Two girls, 3 years and 8 months apart, you'd think they would have. Number One should have been overly annoyed by Number Two, who was certainly crafty enough to bug her sister deliberately and then play the bullied baby when Number One retaliated. But they never really went there, back when they were 12 and 8, a time I consider prime fighting age.

But NOW.

I started to leave to go to the bank, realized I didn't have my ID, and went back inside. Where Number Two promptly told me the following:

"She was blocking my view of the pantry so I couldn't get a snack, so I slapped her in the face. Very lightly! And she [insert woe-is-me voice here] grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back and it HURT."

Number One comes out to the kitchen. "Is she telling you about how she slapped me in the face?"

Number One has reached 5'6" and has the nickname "Brick Wall" from soccer. Number Two is about 5'1" but plenty solid and capable of defending herself. They never fought like this before. WHY did they wait until they're 16 and 12 to start the fisticuffs?

Of course, they laughed at me. "We were laughing the whole time, Mom."

Yeah, that makes me feel better.

Note: I sent this to my kids to get their approval before I posted. Number Two said "It's fine. I think it's quite funny." Number One said "yeah, it's fine. i don't know why, but i couldn't stop laughing!"

She doesn't know why?! Guess which kid is my favorite today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Daring Escape, Hero Wars, and Okay, Yeah, More Football

I don't know how much time I have. I've just escaped from the dark, terrifying world of Mary Kay, and I it may be only moments before I am dragged back in, kicking and screaming.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. I did spend last evening, and a previous Tuesday evening, tortured with MK propaganda as a trade-off for a free eye makeup training seminar. Our consultant is one of my coworkers at my day job, and she's cool. We were with cool people. And we got free eyelash curlers. Which I have never in my life used. But that's beside the point. I bought the skin care products and totally fell in love with Satin Hands. What I didn't fall in love with was the "sell sell sell buy buy buy!" agenda at the big event, but hey. Like I said. Tradeoff.


Want some news? Here's what's going on.

1. Kira's Best Friend is going Greek! I just signed a licensing agreement with Anubis Publications to translate KBF into Greek for sale in Greece and Cyprus. Isn't that cool?! I think it will be out in April, and I'll post the cover and stuff when I get it. At worst, I'll take a picture of my author copies. The rest of the Brook Hollow trilogy should follow.

2. My April 16 release, Acceptable Risks, has a cover! I'm not going to show it yet. I'm going to reveal it on February 7th at Everybody Needs a Little Romance. Then I'll follow up with a poll about the elements of the very cool cover. Participants will have a chance to win prizes via the poll and my newsletter. Then we'll see how close everyone came when I post the story blurb.

3. Hero Wars on Twitter! Look up the hashtag #herowars for teasers of Entangled Publishing's heroes. I have THREE to throw into the competition. Admittedly, said competition is stiff. (heh heh I said stiff) But I think these guys can handle themselves:

Goddesses Rising Hero Stats

Name — Nick Jarrett, Under the Moon
Build — Big, muscular, intimidating
Height — 6' 2"
Weight — 180ish
Strengths — Protective, watchful, smart
Weaknesses — Likes things done his way
Leading Lady — Quinn Caldwell, top-level goddess
Favorites — beer, his '69 Charger, and his guns
Occupation — Goddess Protector

Name — Sam Remington, Heavy Metal
Build — Kind of lanky, but broad-shouldered and strong
Height — 6' 4"
Weight — 180ish
Strengths — Great with research and organizing/managing things
Weaknesses — Women in need
Leading Lady — Riley Kordek, young goddess who never knew she was one
Favorites — Nothing at the moment, he's floundering a bit
Occupation — Former bar manager and goddess assistant, former protector

Name — Finn Samargo, Sunroper
Build — Lean, pampered
Height — 6'
Weight — 170ish
Strengths — Rich, loyal, focused on his goals
Weaknesses — Rich, and way too focused on HIS goals
Leading Lady — Marley Canton, leeched goddess turned null
Favorites — the small of a woman's back, expensive champagne, and silk sheets
Occupation — Business manager for one of his father's companies, on leave

Katee Robert and Laura Kaye posted their hero stats. Watch Twitter or keep an eye on Entangled in Romance for stats on other heroes.

4. The Patriots are in the Super Bowl! I went on a mini-retreat a couple of weeks ago with some other authors, and the Patriots were playing in the division playoff game against the Broncos while we were there. It was a blast teaching Misty Simon about first and ten and safeties and stuff. :) She impressed her dad while they watched the AFC championship last weekend. So I'm a little scared about the game next weekend. And less then thrilled about the rematch. I mean, yeah, redemption would be nice. (Or atonement, as my brother called it.) But I just didn't want to spend two weeks hearing about Super Bowl XLVII. Should be a great game, regardless!

5. Is All Romance eBooks your preferred retailer? I just learned they're selling Brianna's Navy Seal and Cat's Claw over there now. Check it out!