Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, Well, Maybe Tomorrow?

I opened my WIP yesterday.

*pauses for recognition of momentousness*

Okay, okay, it's not all that momentous. But it's been two weeks, so it felt good to get into the story again. I barely had time to read through the last chapter and finish editing the parts I was editing, but I did do it. I was actually thinking I could finish by my self-imposed deadline of next Friday (it's a writer's group goals thing). 3,000 words a day is doable.

Then today happened.

And it was a good day, it just kind of...gobbled.

Had to get up at 7 for a soccer game at 9. Watched game (great game, despite the 1-0 loss, Number Two had some spectacular saves in goal). Took kids to get brunch, drove 45 minutes to game 2. Watched game. Cheered Number One when she stepped on field first time since MCL tear. Cheered again when she kicked ball. Stopped obnoxious behavior.

Wow, I must be tired. Look how I abbreviated my sentences more and more.

After 12:30 game (won 9-0), stopped to get lunch and drove to game 3, which was still Number One. We had about 15 minutes at home, enough time for her to ice her knee and declare it fine. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but I forgot to sunscreen my arms and they burned, and I didn't spread the SPF broadly enough so burned my chest and neck a little. Serves me right for being lackadaisical. She won that game, too (5-1) and still felt fine when we got home (with gelati).

But then we had to go get my car that we'd left in the game 1 parking lot, and I was hungry (gelati's a cool dinner but not filling enough), and then I checked e-mail for the first time all day, and now it's 10:00 and maybe I'm getting old, or maybe it's just too difficult to shift my routine back to how it was 3 years ago when I know it's not strictly necessary, but I have no energy for writing.

You know what kind of effort it took to make all of those complete sentences?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wrapping Up the Season

I just did my first writing since I got back from the retreat. I know! Lazy bum. Well, not really. But I finally found time to focus.

The weather isn't really helping with that. I think I've said here how annoyed I get when people claim cold weather is evidence against global warming, and I argue that the planet doesn't just uniformly get warmer, it's an average increase, and it causes instability. Well, man, have we got that this spring!

The long weekend was beautiful. Got a little hot. Ran the A/C all weekend. Tuesday dawned 30 degrees cooler. Number One complained of the cold on Wednesday morning, so I let her turn the heat back on. I wore a friggin' sweater to work yesterday, and was glad I did, because though they predicted 73 degrees, it never really got above 60. Last night and this afternoon we had thunderous storms that made me fear for my basement, as the unclogged gutters were overwhelmed by sheer volume. Thunderstorms! In May! An hour after that, Number Two and I were outside in shorts playing ladderball in the sun. Totally schizophrenic, and it makes me afraid.

Anyway. The season I'm REALLY here to talk about is the TV season, though it essentially ended two weeks ago. I can't let it pass without my thoughts.

I was really glad that Castle and Dollhouse got renewed. Castle's cliffhanger wasn't that huge as cliffhangers go, but I have to have answers. Plus, the show got better and better as it went, and I'm glad ABC is, uncharacteristically, giving it time to grow. Gladder that I get to keep watching Nathan Fillion. :)

Dollhouse didn't grab most people, but I find the intertwining elements so dang intriguing, I can't wait to see what happens next. What compels me the most is how someone like Ballard can get drawn in, when he was so against it in the beginning. And his decision to get November/Katie released instead of Caroline was heartwarming. I was happy for her, and it was good for us moralizing fans to see that she remembered nothing, was fully accepting of her decision to give them the time and her body/brain to use. You could tell, though, that she didn't get what she wanted out of it. For her, no time had passed. Therefore, there was no easing of the grief that had driven her there in the first place.

The Mentalist surprised me, that they took us so close to Red John. It will be interesting to see if they get us closer next year, or resolve it. Stuff like that dragged over more than two years gets boggy.

The Numb3rs finale was awesome. It trumps the other awesome Numb3rs finale, when Colby was revealed to be a traitor, only because of the ending, which I totally called and was soooo happy to see them follow through with.

Let's see, what else? Glad Chuck got a pickup--of sorts--because of the gamechanger with the new intersect. Chuck's decision and new skills bring a new maturity and open up a huge range of possibilities. Disappointed that we have to wait so long, even more over the few episodes it gets, but oh, well.

OH. LOST! How could I forget that one? I'm so pissed about Juliet, but I have no idea where they're going next and I can. not. wait. for next season. Of course, that's a killer wait, too.

There are a few new shows that look worth trying (Glee was awesome, looking forward to that one; Vampire Diaries I have to try for some reason) but I'll have a lot less on my slate in the fall.

In the meantime, I'll finish up Harper's Island and wait eagerly for the return of Eureka and Leverage and premiere of Royal Pains, because I like Mark Feurstein.

What will you be doing with your free time this summer?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I blogged today at Romance University, all about applying the pirate's code to your romance career. There's a prize drawing going on, too! Check it out!

And if you're surfing, looking for interesting stuff, stop by Supernatural Sisters, where we posted an interview with Betsy Morris, screenwriter of Ten Inch Hero. She shares what it's like to be a screenwriter (very similar to being a novelist, actually) and gives us some insight into Jensen Ackles' character.

While you're at it, for huge laughs check out Jody Wallace's interviews at I Read Romance and Jess Granger's Butterfly Blog. Seriously, don't drink while you read.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Retreat Craziness

Oddly, all the craziness--or, at least, all the craziness I captured--was on Saturday.

First, we wanted to go for a post-dinner walk. But the weather wasn't quite cooperative. So Mandy suggested we use the excellent canvas bags Joyce and Kristine gifted us with:

But it cleared up for a while, so we managed to get out.

Then we hazed Elizabeth.

She was a new member on her first retreat! Had to do something! Actually, someone said something about how we should make someone lie down on a grave, and she volunteered. Said it was peaceful.

Remember the weird circle from two years ago?

It's still there.

Misty decided the weird circle demanded more weirdness, though.

Supernatural fans know what a weird circle in a cemetery means, but the only zombie we encountered was Megan:

Vicki demonstrated how NOT to ride a playground dog:

And then we went to the other cemetery, which we haven't done before. I don't know, it's just not as creepy without the fence:

I don't think we'll be going back. I mean, how much fun is a cemetery if you can't bring coat hangers?

Saturday night we played our game. Here's Beth, posing after she won putting Johnny Depp together, defaced as he was.

We laughed harder than at any other retreat game, and that's saying something. Joyce hyperventilated and had to sit down:

Gotta love David Beckham as Spock played by @ZacharyQuinto.

We were equal opportunity defacers, of course:

But honest, among all the insanity, we did work!

Now, don't you want to have a retreat of your own?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, My Thoughts on "Lucifer Rising"

Because I know you were all hanging out here with bated breath waiting. LOL

Stuff that's mostly response to other people's stuff:

I did not take Azazel's words literally. I was kind of surprised to see so many recaps state that he was Lucifer's son. But remember back in "Sin City," the demon talked about Lucifer as someone to have faith in, much like God is to humans (and angels). I took Azazel to be calling Lucifer his father in a worshipful manner, just like people refer to God.

Many people are having a hard time with the depiction of certain angels. I'm thinking Uriel's and Zachariah's performances (well, Robert's and Kurt's performances) are just so powerful, they feel bigger. But really, of all the angels we've met, two are on our side, two don't care about humanity. That's even. Plus, all the angels Uriel killed were unwilling to join his plan.

As for that is it any different from war in real life? The only difference I see is that the world leaders who engage in war pay lip service to caring about the people who actually put their lives on the line and die for the effort. Zachariah doesn't pretend to care about humans. He wants what he wants. I think it's a very deft metaphor, intentional or not.

Pop culture references... I can buy Zachariah figuring out what might appeal to a guy he wants to keep compliant, plus, he's got psychic ability, so some unimportant stuff is going to leak in there. Upper management always has time on its hands once it's done delegating--he probably tuned in to Gladiator one night when he was bored. Likewise, we know Dean soaks up late night TV, and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody seems to be on 24/7. I can totally picture Dean flipping around, pausing, and being unable to look away in horror.

The idea of God being in absentia is intriguing, and keeps drawing me back to the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. I read it at a crucial time in my spiritual development, and Supernatural is echoing some themes the Incarnations addresses. Megan thinks God is actually orchestrating everything, just from afar, and no one knows that he's involved, which is also a theory I can get behind.

Some people also seem to think Dean left that message that Sam heard. One write-up said he'd left it before he left the one we saw him leave, but no way Dean went that far. Plus, look at Ruby. How would she know what Sam was hearing, if she hadn't had something to do with it?

I thought Castiel was going to offer angel blood for Dean, for a moment, and in that instant, it was one of those "OMG that's perfect symmetry" moments. But of course, thinking about it, Dean would never have done it. Or, not easily. Woulda been hot, though. *stares into space*

Where was I? Oh. Right. Finale.

The "why it had to be Sam" thing seems pretty clear to me. It wasn't, like, destined that he'd be the one. He just came out on top all the way through the journey. Azazel was still setting up kids even after Sam and his "kind" were maturing and coming into their powers (remember Rosie?). Plus, he didn't have the Colt. He needed the most powerful kid AND the Colt, and that came together with Jake. Jake was the one who let Lilith out of Hell. But Sam killed him, so he couldn't go on to the end game, and Sam was the last one available. They had all the pieces lined up: Lilith out and breaking seals, and one guy with the demon-created ability to kill her and free Lucifer. That's why it had to be Sam.

The only thing I'm uncertain of is the archangel. Is he coming after Castiel because he somehow thinks Cas is a threat to Chuck? I don't know why, because they didn't threaten him. Or, did Chuck aiding and abetting the disobedient twosome render his prophet status null and void, and the archangel was coming after all who'd violated that? Whose side is the archangel on?

I can't wait to see what the aftermath of that confrontation was.

Ruby, ah, Ruby. I always like the characters who defy the "rules," even the self-imposed rules of a contained world like in Supernatural. So I'd hoped Ruby was at least partly good. That she somehow cared about the boys, or at least Sam, even though I was pretty sure her end goal was very self-serving. By the end of LR, though, I wanted her gone. Stabbed in the gut by Dean while Sam held her in place. Well how about that! That's what I got! LOL

In just a few seconds, they made it right. It's not right, of course. Dean broke the first seal, Sam broke the second, they've got a lot to atone for, even if just in their own minds. They fought, and meant it. It can't be glossed over, so the journey "back" (I put that in quotes because it's really a journey to better, not back, they can never go back) will be a long, hard one. But they had one important moment of working together, of apology and acceptance, of being side by side, touching, bridging the chasm, and facing the evil together. It was perfect.

I'll save speculation about next season for another post. But man, I can't wait.

Release Day!

It's been a while since I had a release! But for all you paperback lovers who, like me, prefer to hold a real book in your hands over reading digital ink, Indulgence II is here!

I know, lame title. I'm a lame titler, what can I say? But I've always claimed my work is indulgent fiction, designed for pleasure reading, escapism, fantasizing over possible...shall we say...alternate realities. :) Indulgence is more appropriate than ever with these stories:

Indulge yourself once again in scorching fantasy. Fall in love with a younger man, a rock star, a superhero, or an emotionally tortured savior of abducted children.

Previously available only in electronic format, these four novellas of pure escapism have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the titles...

Letting Go
Inspired a little by all the talk amongst my friends and online acquaintances about the wrongness of attraction to a man young enough to be your son. :)

Rebuilding Forever
This one's a sequel to Lost Our Forever (e-book and also found in Indulgence, but you don't really have to have read that one to enjoy this one. This is the closest I've ever come to male/male erotica. Seth and Julian are just so delicious!

For my Supernatural friends out there, Jake and Dan are not Dean and Sam, but are definitely inspired by them.

Under Control
Reluctant superhero. Nuff said?

(Full descriptions and excerpts for each story
are available by clicking on the above links!)

The paperback is available at the publisher's site here, or directly from Amazon here. If you are local to me, I've ordered a few to sell, so let me know if you're interested in a signed copy at a slight discount. I know! Bargain! :)

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Fair for Boys

Agent Awesome has been talking about the Book Fair for Boys by Guys Lit Wire. They're doing a drive to obtain books for kids who really need them. I know you're bombarded with worthy causes, but encourage anyone who believes in:

1. The importance of books in life, in any shape or form
2. The importance of giving at-risk kids (or worse) choices and chances

to check it out and see if you can help.

Stay tuned for posts with:

--Photos from the retreat craziness
--My thoughts on the Supernatural finale
--Comments on the Upfronts and other finales
--Lament about the spoiling I might have just done to myself re: Prison Break, which I have not yet watched and won't for a while due to the NBA Playoffs
--Some other stuff

Monday, May 18, 2009

Romance University Launches Today

Romance University’s three weekly topics include:

Monday – Crafting Your Career
NJD note: I have an interview in this category next week! It focuses on my "A Pirate's Guide to a Successful Publishing Career" workshop.

Wednesday – Anatomy of the Male Mind

Friday – Chaos Theory of Writing

RU’s purpose is to:

Empower Writers. Entertain Readers. Understand Men.

Don’t miss our upcoming visiting professors: Lori Foster, Jessica Inclán, Donald Maass, Brenda Novak, Alicia Rasley, Christie Ridgway, Loucinda McGary, Natalie J. Damschroder, Blake Snyder, Theresa Stevens, Leslie Wainger, and several men who will share the male perspective on romance, love and sex.

Stop by Monday (TODAY) to chat with Brenda Novak, who will head the class with details about her road to becoming a New York Times bestselling author. Leave a comment and your name will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate and a tote full of goodies.

WAIT! We have more good news.

Would you like to win a nifty new iPod Nano? Leave a comment during our launch week, May 18 - 22, and your name will be entered in a separate drawing. Courtesy of RU’s faculty members (Adrienne Giordano, Kelsey Browning and Tracey Devlyn).

Romance University – A place where friends are made and dreams are realized

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Someone just told me they were having problems with my blog. Is anyone else? Like, having a whole bunch of windows opening unexpectedly? If you are, let me know! I want to fix it, if I can.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have this corner cupboard in the kitchen. It's above the countertop, and you know how they are--wedge-shaped, very deep, and very difficult to get into. So last weekend were were collecting things for the Post Office's canned food drive, and I said there might be some things in there. Sure enough, we found some things.

That expired in 2003.

But that's nothing. We have Vicks Vap-o-Rub that expired in 1999 in the medicine chest. Don't ask why it's still there.

Okay, so, I'm off. Not quite yet. I'm about done with my computer stuff and packing my work items (laptop, Neo, updated iPod, etc.), so I'm going upstairs to pack and then I'll be offline (kind of) until Monday morning!

I'm so excited!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where the H*** Have I Been?

I was thinking, "How did I keep up with blogging when I had a full-time day job?" Then I looked and...I didn't.

Speaking of blogs, go check out Romance University. They soft-launched today and start out next week with Brenda Novak. I'm a guest professor on 5/26.

My days seem unendingly busy. I finish an editing job, feel relief for about 3.2 seconds, and another one pops in. Which is great--everything is great, I really can't complain. But I'm exhausted.

Luckily, it's T-minus 33 hours and counting until the retreat! At which I won't be blogging, probably. But the break is most definitely needed.

I'm tired of negativity. Especially about something as unimportant as TV. Yes, entertainment is vital, and yes, it's not unimportant to those who make their living creating it. But srsly, I just want to watch and enjoy, and not feel icky because other people I don't really know are whining about stuff I love.

Which is not a rant against them, they are entitled to say what they want. I just need to avoid it.

Here's the post I wrote yesterday but didn't get to upload until today:

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day, despite pet problems and in-law invasions. No one deserves crap on the one day a year they get celebrated. Whether that crap is doggie diarrhea or passive-aggressive attacks on your character.

I had a fabulous day. I got breakfast made for me. It was funny--Saturday, on the way to the City Islanders soccer game, we saw that our very favorite bagel place is now open on Sunday. So I requested Bob's Bagels, and they drove over early...and found a sign on the door, "closed for Mother's Day."

I got a gift card for Amazon (hopefully--the store didn't activate it, so J's taking it back today) and the keyboard that shipped last night (hopefully it arrives before I leave for the retreat, but it's not looking good), and we had dinner at Passage to India after a gorgeous hike at the environmental site near the schools.

I also got to see Star Trek, which was so good I'm sorry I already saw it.

But let me back up. Friday night I dragged J to see Wolverine. It was great. Very well acted and structured, though I wanted a lot more Bradley, Wade, and Remy. I definitely want more Remy. I hope they do a Gambit movie next. Anyway, it was well done for a film that was basically rehashing everything we already knew, and the bit after the credits was shiver-worthy, well worth hanging around for.

Saturday we had soccer all day. The Islanders won again, which was cool. Even cooler was the Pittsburgh goalie getting red-carded. The goalie got a red card!!!!

I caught up slightly on TV this weekend, though I'm still way behind. It's okay, because the finale season makes me sad. Pretty much everything is over already, over this week, or ending next week/soon. The longer it takes me to watch, the longer I can stretch the season.

The Scrubs finale was perfectly done, though I'd have liked to see Cox's friend played by Brendan Fraser. I was very misty-eyed through most of it.

Alan Tudyk? Evil? Never thought he would make me so scared. Gah! But I love him more than ever.

So, back to Star Trek. I've never been much of a Trekkie. Casual fan. Never really saw the original, but absorbed enough to "get" the jokes/tropes/commonalities, etc. I did watch some TNG and all the movies. This one is by far the best of them.

First, I want to give kudos to the casting director and anyone else involved in that. It could not be more perfect. The only actor who didn't completely emulate a young version of his predecessor was Chris Pine as Kirk, and I can't say that a true fan wouldn't find him lacking, but I didn't. I didn't expect Karl Urban to do McCoy so well, nor did I think I could divorce Quinto from Sylar. It helped that I haven't watched Heroes for a couple of years, but even my husband, who still watches it, said he was perfect.

The plot made me squee. It connected the franchise with its past/future, grounded the characters and us in a new present, and set up a completely blank slate so they can do anything they want with additional movies.

The details were delightful. Accents and lines and mannerisms and the vastness of space, the relationships they established, the motivations...I don't know how they managed to do it all, but they did. And I have to admit, I never saw the red shirt coming. That's completely on me, because it's not like they didn't throw hints at us like darts. But the action was so very much modern adventure, all I could do was stare in exhilaration.

Anyway, go watch it. If this is at all your kind of movie, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I thought I was broken.

It's been a rough week, and we all know last week's episode was incredibly draining and hard, and I kept saying I couldn't do it, I couldn't watch the rest.

And today I actually thought about not watching it. I had no positive anticipation, just dread. I really felt like I could walk away and never watch it again.

Do I need to tell you I'm glad I didn't?

It's late, I'm very tired, and this week's ep was again very draining. I was het up a few minutes ago, but I fade fast nowadays. Bottom line: expect this post to be all over the place.

First, Number One and I had a brainstorming moment:

Ruby: [Lilith's] older than she looks.

Number One: But in season three, Tammy said she was a new up-and-comer in town.

Me: Well, maybe she was just new on earth.

My brain: Except she was on earth when she collected Ruby, even though that was hundreds of years ago.

Me: Or had to wait to start breaking seals until certain things were in place, like Samhain can only be raised every 600 years.

My brain: ...but hundreds of seals...can't be timing re: Samhain, jus tuse other seal...wait, what else was timing...In the Beginning...Aza--

Me: Gasp! *grabs Number One's arm*

Number One: *stares at me* Your hand is warm. Please remove it.

Me: The demon gate to hell! Lilith was in hell until Jake opened the gate! That was Azazel's plan for all that time, he was trying to get things into place to open the gate and get Lilith out! Because she was the only one who could free Lucifer!

So now it seems pretty obvious, and I'm sure most of you already thought of it. I mean, Lilith appeared after the gate opened (though many episodes after). Castiel said in "In the Beginning" that they were trying to work out Azazel's end game, and that it was tied to Lilith. The clues have been there all along, so... Anyway, it felt like a revelation to me.

Lilith eats babies. Of course. And OMGgross.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki knocked it out of the park. Incredible performances, especially Jared, being alone most of the time. I can't imagine withdrawal is easy to portray, what with the twitching and all.

Sam being flung around the edge of the panic room might just be the best damned stunt they've ever done.

When Castiel told Anna he had orders to set Sam free, I figured that means Dean has to save the world from Armageddon by somehow defeating Sam in some special way. It's another thing that seems obvious--if indeed it's right--but I've been fighting the whole brother-vs-brother idea very hard all season. Still, it's very Cain and Abel, so it feels right.

Anyone else think Bobby wasn't Bobby for a while? When he was telling Dean they were killing Sam, and maybe they should let him out and use him to stop Lilith, and so on, I just couldn't buy that the words were coming out of Bobby's mouth. And when Dean said no, no way, this was the line he would not cross, and Bobby looked at Dean...he looked just like Zachariah. So I'm thinking Zachariah possessed Bobby.

Now, of course, there's the whole anti-possession tattoo thing. Bobby's GOT to have one. But those charms and tattoos are to prevent demon possession. No one knew or believed the angels even existed. Plus, I think Z is powerful enough to bypass it. I know he talks to Dean next week, so maybe he'll confirm if I'm right on this.

If I'm wrong, then...bad writing, Sera. OOC beyond justification, and you all know how much I can justify. :)

But that brings me to the preview for next week.


Sam's eyes go black. Two possibilities--he's crossed over to Monster!Sam, or he's possessed. But he has the tattoo, and Lilith said she couldn't do anything to him. Then, at the end, he says he's been waiting for this for a very long time. Well, that doesn't fit Sam, so it points to possession again. The words indicate Lilith, but that doesn't seem possible.

So I'm thinking Lucifer. I know, that doesn't suit the black eyes, but it fits everything else. It fits the "wait for long time" thing, it fits the rules of possession--Lucifer isn't a demon, either, he's an angel, and maybe a fallen one, but presumably pretty powerful--and the damned episode is titled "Lucifer Rising." If they're gonna send Dean to hell, why wouldn't they raise Lucifer? And all supernatural beings need a body to walk the earth. Lucifer would totally pick Gigantor Sam.

OOooooohhhh...I just had another thought. We've all assumed Ruby has something else in mind for Sam, right? That she probably doesn't just have simple revenge on her mind.

I bet she's been prepping Sam to host Lucifer.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Sunday

I'm not in the market for a new laptop yet, but I'm dreaming. The problem is, I hatehatehate the trackpad and that it pushes the keyboard so far back from the front of the casing. I could use a separate keyboard, but that kind of defeats the purpose of traveling light. So I'm wondering if anyone out there is aware of a laptop that either is laid out differently, with the keyboard to the front, or one with a detachable keyboard.
My dog doesn't bark much. She does this little howl thing when she's outside and wants to come in, or when she'd happy or hungry or excited. She only does those warning barks when the oil guy comes to fill the tank.

So the other day, as I was finishing my shower, I heard her bark, loud and sharp. My first thought?

Why don't I keep salt in the bathroom?
So I think my finger/hand will be okay. It gets aggravated a lot when I work the day job, which requires a lot of toggling (between programs) and puts lateral pressure on my middle finger. And if I'm not careful and try to hold or carry something heavy with that finger, it hurts a lot. But overall things are improving.

Slowly, though, because nothing is really helping. I got a finger kit that had a splint--that put too much pressure on the knuckle and when I took it off made it unbendable, stiff, and sore--and straps to buddy my fingers--which helped mostly at night except they'd slide off so I used tape anyway, and of course I can't type with them so I don't use them during the day--and a cool gel-freeze sleeve with a gauze finger cover for protection, that works excellently but doesn't stay cold for more than 10 minutes. *sigh* At least the kit didn't cost too much.
My Twitter resistance is thinning. I really don't need more time sucks, as far as following people, and I don't have enough short things to say, the opportunity to post them, or the memory to do so even if I come up with ideas and opportunity.

But I almost caved this week. Someone started twitting whom I have a vested interest in following. But I settled down and just bookmarked her page.

You won't get me, Twitter! *shakes fist*

Friday, May 01, 2009

No, She Wasn't

(Spoilers for last night. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you don't care anyway. LOL)

Everyone is saying that when Jimmy's wife went off screen for a few seconds and came running back with a blanket (or whatever), that's when she was possessed. Immediately.

I say no she wasn't.

I'm not saying all those who believe she was are wrong. I'm just deliberately choosing to disagree.

First, the whole thing was heartbreaking enough. I can't stand the idea that the scene at the car wasn't real. So that's the illogical, emotional reason I say no, she wasn't.

Logistically, it doesn't quite fit, either. This episode wasn't flawless with the details. There were a few little things that didn't work. But five seconds isn't quite enough, especially when the black smoke would have had to enter her--the guys would have noticed that. Doesn't it make more sense that it happened as they drove away? I don't think we actually have her off screen, but there could have been a moment between leaving in the Impala and while they waited for Sam to do the hotwiring when she was out of view for it to happen.

If she did it right away, why wouldn't she just grab the kid again? Why go to all the trouble of letting them drive away, then calling them back? Doing so gave her time to call a couple of goon!demons to help, sure, but it also gave her a long time to try to fool three guys who are very attuned to demon possession. That's a big risk when you're trying to bide your time.

Oh, and why didn't the boys give her an anti-possession amulet? That frustrated me.

That's all I'm going to talk about here. I have really long comments on Trish's excellent recap/discussion at Supernatural Sisters, so head on over and join in! There is much angst, for sure.