Monday, November 02, 2015

An Interview with Linda Bradley

Today's guest, Linda Bradley, is giving away a digital copy of her book to one lucky commenter! The winner will be chosen at the end of the week. Thanks for coming today, Linda!

1. When did you decide you wanted to write a book?

I always thought I’d publish children’s books, but when I started reading women’s fiction in healthy doses, I realized I wanted to write books for women about women. When Maggie and Chloe popped into my head, they stayed, and that’s when I found my voice. Maggie’s Way is my debut women’s fiction novel.

2. What inspired you to write this story?

I had been thinking about the story line, but it was filed in the back of my brain with a clutter of other ideas. After seven weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer, I decided it was time to start fresh so with a new plan to keep myself organized, I connected with my characters and started writing.

3. Do you work on projects simultaneously?

This past year I did because I wanted to enter a short story contest and I had another idea for a women’s fiction book with magical elements, completely not related to the Montana Bound Series. That project gnawed at the edges of my mind until I just had to stop what I was doing and get it on paper.

4. What was the rest of your life like while you were writing Maggie’s Way?

Well, I was recuperating from cancer and I am happy to say, I have a clean bill of health. I was planning my wedding, teaching full time, working at a clothing store a few hours a week and raising two boys. My youngest was away at Michigan State and my oldest was at home working and going to school. It was crazy, but somehow the busy schedule forced me to buckle down and focus on getting the words on the page.

5. What are some of your favorite quotes from Maggie’s Way?

“It was easier to blame myself for ignoring my instincts and playing the game. Beckett had finally understood who he was, now I was left to my own devices to figure out who I was going to be.”—Maggie

“Looking west, the sun filled the sky with streaks the color of summer sherbet.”—Maggie

“We were victims of our own expectations.”—Maggie

“When you are ready to accept those things that only loved ones can give you, your heart will be whole again. You do not choose life. Life chooses you.”—Glad (Maggie’s mother)

6. What were some of the reactions from Maggie’s Way readers that brought you joy?

The reviews had started coming in and I was doing my best to stay focused on planning my return trip to Montana to do more research, more riding, and capture the magic that inspired my vision. One day, the phone rang and it was my girlfriend’s husband. I was surprised he was calling. He then explained the reason for the call. He told me that he started reading Maggie’s Way and was prepared for a chick lit read, but to his surprise he was hooked and wanted to know when the next book was coming out. He told me that he’d be reading the rest of the series. It was a huge compliment, especially coming from a male reader. He was pleased to report that Maggie’s Way had something for everybody.

I received another unexpected phone call. I recognized the number and wasn’t quite sure why the Cancer Center was calling. The woman on the other end of the phone identified herself as the receptionist and told me that I owed her a large cup of coffee and a tube of eyeliner for her tired eyes because she was up all night reading Maggie’s Way, that she couldn’t put it down. She asked what she could do to help spread the word about my debut novel.

When I met with the Literary Goddesses, a book club in Lansing, Michigan, I sat next to a reader that said, she had finished the book just before coming to dinner. She told me it wasn’t that she couldn’t get to it. She had delayed reading the last chapter because she didn’t want it to end.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “When I laugh out loud and need a box of tissues, I know I'm reading a good book!”

I am touched that my characters have connected with my readers. It truly is a book filled with a cast of misfits waiting to steal your heart.

Linda, those are amazing reactions, and so deserving! Congratulations on your clean bill of health and your new release! Readers, continue below for information on the book and Linda, and don't forget to comment to be entered to win a copy! The winner will be chosen at the end of the week.

Maggie's Way
by Linda Bradley

Sometimes you have to lose your way to find yourself.

Middle-aged, Maggie Abernathy just wants to recuperate from cancer during the solitude of summer vacation after a tiresome year of teaching second grade. Maggie’s plans are foiled when precocious seven-year-old, Chloe McIntyre moves in next door with her dad, John. Maggie’s life changes in a way she could never imagine when the pesky new neighbors steal her heart. With Maggie’s grown son away, her ex-husband in the shadows, her meddling mother’s unannounced visits, and Chloe McIntyre on her heels, somehow Maggie’s empty house becomes home again.

"Linda Bradley’s fresh voice will keep readers riveted from beginning to end. Bradley delivers a heart-warming story full of disarming honesty and beautiful drama…This one stands out!"—Jane Porter, New York Times and USA Today best selling author

About the Author:

Linda’s inspiration comes from her favorite authors and life itself. Her women’s fiction highlights characters that peel away outer layers of life to discover the heart of their dreams with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Her writing integrates humor found in everyday situations, as well as touching moments that make readers connect with her characters. Maggie’s Way is her debut novel, the first in her Montana Bound Series. She is currently working on Maggie’s Fork in the Road and Maggie’s Montana.

Linda has an associate's degree in interior design and a master’s degree in reading and language arts with undergraduate work in elementary education and fine arts. She wrote and illustrated a children’s book, The Hunter, for her master’s degree. Linda is a member of RWA as well as the Greater Detroit Chapter of RWA. You can follow her on TwitterFacebook and

Linda has two grown sons and lives with her husband and rescue dog in Royal Oak, Michigan.


Joanne Guidoccio said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey. I'm glad to hear you're doing well (BTW...I'm also a cancer survivor). Best of luck with Maggie's Way. It sounds delicious! Joanne :)

Susan B James said...

Me too. I am delighted to say there are a lot of us survivors around. So happy you made the decison to write!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks for visiting, Joanne and Susan, and let me cheer your successful battles. :) I've lost my mother and stepmother to cancer, and I know how much that means!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Just wanted to let you guys know Linda's not ignoring you; for some reason, Blogger's not letting her comment! :(

Horne- West Family said...

I'm glad you have a clean bill of health! Your book sounds like a good read. I'd love to win.
God Bless

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Linda has very generously decided to gift all of you with an Amazon copy of her book! Thanks, Linda!

Just e-mail me at natalie AT nataliedamschroder DOT com and I'll pass along your information to her.

Thanks for hanging out with us, everybody!

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