Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Gabby Allan Brings Us the Rom-Cozy!

I have been a fan of Gabby Allan since long before she was Gabby Allan, and because I have carefully cultivated my contacts in the business of fiction (in other words, we live in the same town and I buy her tea every few weeks 😉) I got to read her debut mystery prior to its release, and it's everything I love most about her books. (I'm being a little cagey here, with oblique references to her alternate personality 😁) The humor and fun are at the top of the list, with characters who feel real and yet completely unique, and just enough romance to make all the stakes mean something. 

So without further ado *snicker* I am pleased to introduce GABBY ALLAN!

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Hello, and I hope you’re having an amazing day! So excited to be here and so thankful Natalie invited me to hang with you for a little while!

I’m Gabby Allan, and I’m super excited to introduce my new series to you! It’s a rom-cozy—rom com and cozy mystery snuggled up on a beach drinking a Mai Tai! If you’re into that kind of thing, I think you’ll love this book and my characters Whitney Dagner and her cat Whiskers!

Thanks for giving me a look and have a great day!

Much Ado About Nauticaling
Whitney Dagner is your tour guide to a Pacific paradise that’s to die for—only to find it’s a place people are also willing to kill for—in Gabby Allan’s Much Ado About Nauticaling, first in the Whit and Whiskers Mystery series.

After far too many years in the Los Angeles corporate world, Whitney Dagner has come home to Santa Catalina Island off the California coast to help her brother Nick run Nautically Yours, the family tourism business. Between gift shop shifts selling all manner of T-shirts and tchotchkes and keeping her feline Whiskers in fine fettle, she pilots the Sea Bounder, a glass bottom boat showing tourists the underwater sights of aquatic plants, marine life—and a murder victim?

 The self-proclaimed “Master of the Island,” Jules Tisdale was a wealthy man with business interests throughout Catalina who was about to be honored as Person of the Year before someone strangled him with his own tie and tossed his body into the water. That someone appears to be Nick, who had a raw deal from Jules and no alibi the night of his murder. To clear her brother’s name, Whit will have to investigate Jules’ shady associates and not exactly grief-stricken family members—with the unwelcome help of Felix Ramirez, police diver and Whit’s ex-boyfriend, who’s looking to rekindle their relationship.

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Thanks for having me!

About the Author

After writing plays for her friends to act out as a kid, bad poetry in high school, and her high school Alma Mater song, Gabby Allan finally found her true passion—cozy mysteries. Being able to share her world with readers, one laugh at a time, and touch people’s hearts with her down-to-earth characters makes for the best job ever. This California girl now lives with her husband, daughter, and two insane dogs in Central Pennsylvania where she is hard at work on her next novel.


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