Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunglasses as Hair Accessories and Other Shopping Thoughts

I like the way my hair looks best when I shove my sunglasses up on my head. This mostly happens when I'm shopping, and in and out of stores, because that's the most convenient, safest place to put them (I don't carry a purse). Headbands don't replicate the look--I've tried. They're curved, and sunglasses, of course, are squared off. They don't make squared-off hair accessories, and even if they did, that would look stupid.

I just wanted a freakin' butter dish.

We had three butter dishes. Two were ceramic ones we'd painted at Color Me Mine (one had been my mom's until she died). We only use those when the other one is being washed, because the lids are too small and if you don't cover the butter with surgical precision, it gets all over the edges of the lid. We had a Rubbermaid one that was ugly but oh-so-functional. The lid was big enough, and it snapped on to the bottom, which made it portable.

The Rubbermaid one was probably a gift when we got married, or purchased for our first apartment or something, so it was about 20 years old. Which explains why it got brittle and started snapping to pieces. So I threw it away, adn went looking for a replacement.

Nothing at the grocery store. Or Sears. Bed, Bath & Beyond had ONE butter dish in the whole freaking store, and it was ceramic. I ended up caving at Target and getting a wide, $5 ceramic one, but I'm not happy. But even if I can find a plastic snappy one online, shipping would probably be three times as much as the product. So forget that. *scowl*
I debated for a while about getting new shirts for work. I have some short-sleeved ones, embroidered with the company logo. I kept thinking, "It's chilly back here, I need some long-sleeved ones." But then I start running around when I get busy with patients, and I get hot. And sometimes the heat is set up a little, sometimes it's down.

So obviously, the solution is to keep wearing the short sleeves, and get a sweater. I kind of dreaded that. When I go shopping for something specific, it usually turns into an exercise in frustration. I have short arms, but I need big sizes, so the sleeves are always too long. And sweater sleeves end up bulky and uncomfortable. So yesterday, I steeled myself, and started looking.

And found a perfect sweater immediately. I know! I was shocked. It's a zip-up hoodie fine cable knit, and the sleeves are only slightly too long. The hardest part was choosing a color. Wheat is neutral, but light colors show dirt faster, and I mostly have dark shirts so they'd show through the wheat and look kind of odd, adn it really isn't a good color on me. I loved the navy, but I wear a lot of black pants, and thought right at this second I'm wearing a navy T-shirt with black pants, you're not supposed to. So I got purple, which would go fine with the khakis or black and all the shirts I wear. Yay!
Guess how many times I've been at the grocery store this week? Today is my third trip. We always seem to run out of the big, expensive things at the same time. And by same time, I mean the day after I went to the store to by other big, expensive things. It amazes me that no matter how much preparation I do, how much time and money I spend in one trip, there is always something that runs out the next day.
We did homecoming dress shopping last week. Homecoming is tomorrow. Yes, cutting it close, but Number One took an extraordinarily long time to decide to go. Luckily, she hates to shop, so we went to the store where we got last year's dress, and she found one right away. It wasn't the one I wanted her to get. It was shorter, and strapless, and tighter, and I expected her father, at least, to put up a fight. But when I texted him three pictures, that's the dress he picked. Add the half inch she's grown since last year, and the little heels, and...I feel old. Proud, but old.
I have difficulty going into Bed Bath and Beyond. I always come out with something I didn't intend, even if I don't find the thing I did want. This visit was no different. I didn't even hesitate over the squishy, soft, microfiber bath mats that are so outrageously priced I bought a small one last time, and wished I'd bought the big one. I considered only briefly the tilted liquid measuring cups, only slightly longer over the adorable tiny one. But small is my weakness, and I did consider the baby omelet pan and matching spatula. I don't eat eggs! But The Husband and kids do. Maybe for Christmas...

I didn't escape completely. I got an oil jar, the kind with the angled spout, which I'd wanted because the giant bottle of canola oil I had a coupon for doesn't pour well, and I'm tired of oily fingers. My impulse buy was a new, lidded ice cube tray. I keep buying new trays trying to get something that releases easily, without luck. This one promises to, and the cover slides, so you can get out only a couple at a time, which is cool. It's in the dishwasher--we'll see how well it works, and if it's worth five bucks.

Anyone else have any shopping adventures lately?


Cindy Procter-King said...

I have not had ANY shopping adventures. I have a huge list but can't seem to get out and do it. The only thing I bother with is the groceries.

I'm always wearing my sunglasses on top of my head, too. I'll come home and forget they're there. They're a bit too big for my purse, so if I don't put them on the letter holder in the mud room (which, naturally, holds my sunglasses instead of letters), I forget they're on my head until someone tells me or I happen to touch my head.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL, Cindy! My hair has gotten too thin for me to forget, I start to get a headache.

Cindy Procter-King said...

The day my hair gets too thin, I'll be at least 84. That's about when it starts in my family. :::picture me making chimpanzee noises::: (is that how you spell chimpanzee? It looks funny).

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL! Yes, I think that's right.