Monday, April 29, 2013

Springing into Euphoria

I always say fall is my favorite season with a slight edge on spring, but I think I might have to swing that the other way slightly. Kind of like a couple of years ago I went from slightly more Dean-girl to Sam-girl and now I'm back. Dean is just...guh...right now.

But I digress.

I figure I have a low-grade seasonal affective disorder, because every spring, I hit this moment of euphoria that has no true cause. Today was that day for me.

Oh, sure, there are things that contribute to it. Saturday was the 10th season home opener for the Harrisburg City Islanders, and they won the game 5-1 (!) and it was their 100th win, and that was all very cool. Sunday I spent the entire day revising a book, and despite the deadline looming over us, it just felt so good to immerse myself in the purity of writing. May is almost here, and that means great movies, Mother's Day, and my annual writer's retreat. And Roxanne St. Claire's book comes out tomorrow. So, you know, there's plenty to be happy about!

But there's got to be more to it. Daylight has been increasing steadily for a few weeks, and that has a an obvious psychological effect, but there's got to be a tipping point that puts this euphoria on me. I slept poorly and not long enough last night, so I should have been tired and grumpy. Instead I was excited and even bouncy, if you can believe it. (Those who've met me in person would not likely believe it.) I haven't felt this good in at least six months, and it's such a relief. But telling, because I remember the day I felt like this last year, and I would bet you anything it was the same week.

Usually when I listen to my iPod, it's the Harry Potter books or podcasts about football. Today I rocked out all the way home and then did a few chores so I could keep singing. I'm pretty sure I traumatized the retired folks in our neighborhood singing "I Write the Songs" on my way to the mailbox.

Whatever it is, I'm digging it. :)

So how many of you have similar moments, and what do you think triggers them?

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