Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Back, and I'm Bushed

We got back from vacation last night, and all day today, as I tried to play catchup, people asked me if I was bushed/whooped/exhausted. I kept saying no, but now I am.

Of course, it's nearly midnight. That might have something to do with it. :)

We had a great vacation. I have plenty to blog about, but I will break it down over the next few days, so as not to overwhelm with one big Mega-Post. Tonight I shall simply mention a few random things.

I saw Stardust with my 12-year-old on vacation. It was a wonderful movie, and made me think maybe I should be reading Neil Gaiman. It had some very male influences (all the murder at the end, and the "prologue" at the beginning where a guy crosses into a new world but all he does is get laid and run away home), but those are balanced by the heart--and, of course, the romance. :) The acting was superb. I wasn't very enamored of the hero in the beginning, but fell completely in love by the end. Robert de Niro was a delight, as was Michelle Pfeiffer, one of my favorite all-time actresses (ever since Grease II). This is one I could see buying and shelving next to The Princess Bride.

I got the final proofing of The Color of Courage done and submitted to my agent, so now I should be getting back to Hummingbird. Smack me if the progress bar doesn't move. I haven't looked to see how many pages a day I need between now and next Saturday (9/1) to meet my goal of completing the draft. Too many, I'm afraid. But I'm determined.

The problem is, this week is preparation for the kids going back to school. So we have school shopping to do, and soccer practice, and three dentist visits (each kid and me), and next weekend is a soccer tournament (six games, all played an hour away over two days, which means we won't be home much at all). Plus, we have to visit each of the schools, get the middle schooler's schedule, meet the third-grader's teacher and see where all the classrooms are, etc.

Next week, of course, should be better, as they'll be in school and I shall have tons of time to write. Except for taking the car in for repair (assuming they can figure out what's wrong). And more soccer practices every evening. And lunch with my old coworkers, because I've been putting them off all summer, though I can keep that short and I always combine it with a necessary trip to the post office, which is a block away.

Overall, I'm very excited about school being back in. :)

The other thing I'm excited about is my new nephew. Miller Logan Jacobus is a looong baby (21.75 inches!) and a normal weight (which I can't remember right now) and he looks like he's a very relaxed, contemplative kid. Since he's my brother's son, I'm sure that won't last. :) I can't wait to see him.

So, tomorrow I'll talk about the beach portion of my vacation, and how it's so funny that deeply ingrained rules from childhood can dictate your actions in adulthood. And what happened to me for the first time ever at the beach. Stay tuned!

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