Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Release Day!

First, before you do anything, please read Monica's post at The Gab Wagon about Fatin's tragedy and how you can help her family. It's easy and there's something in it for you!

Now, on to superficialities. Like the fact that Fight or Flight is finally here!

You can get it from Carina Press, via Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and wherever e-books are sold. It's also available in audiobook! You can find other links on my book page here.

I've been interviewed by Ava Quinn at her blog, Tongue in Cheek, and that should be up today. Ava asks fun questions that inspire crazy answers. :) Check it out!

AND, don't forget, you should vote in The Month of the Hero poll, below. All the heroes pictured below are up against each other. At 7:00 p.m. Eastern, half will fall. Make sure it's not one of your favorites!

Note: As of this writing, Raylan of Justified and Michael of Nikita were tied! NO idea what I'll do if it ends that way, so please vote! :)

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